Do you need a handyman?

If you find yourself in this situation, chances are you need a professional handyman. Please don't put yourself in a dangerous situation like this. Call Sonya today.

Here's how to tell:

First and foremost, is your household chore list longer than your inseam? Perhaps you have been waiting to get your “Honey Do” list started once the weather was just right, when the game isn’t on or when you finally could get up the interest in getting it done. Whatever your reasoning, a long list means the chores are piling up. It also means you could be reducing the value of your house by ignoring simple home repair projects.

A second consideration is whether or not the items on your list are beyond your capabilities or interest. Remember a plumbing project, for example, could seem like a simple set of tasks but gets complex (and possibly expensive) quickly as you consider:

• what supplies do you need to complete the job
• how do you make sure the water is shut off completely
• what is the correct and efficient sequence of events to complete the project?
• what do you do with the supplies have left over?
and most importantly :
• what happens if you don’t seal the pipes up completely and there is a leak?

But a long list of projects isn’t bad news. In fact, many experts say the best time to contact a Handyman for home repair projects is when you have a number of chores to complete. After all, any good handyman is jack of all trades who either is experienced in all types of Home repair or has a staff who can complete a wide range of home repair or home improvement jobs.

Valid considerations include :

• How much time (an interest) do you have in completing the project?
• What is your level of skill and experience?
• What is your budget?
• and most important – what will it cost to fix problems that could occur from the project not going right?

So there's nothing wrong with letting your list grow. And you may be ahead to put your projects into a categorized list so you can make a considered judgment on the right type of handyman to hire. Consider things such as how many of your projects are home repair and how many are home remodeling? Are there several chores that need done in the kitchen, bathroom or on the exterior of the house? The more detail you can put into your list the better.

Think about this: Say your list always seems to be growing – you need to swap out a sump pump, fix a few holes in the drywall and fix that piece of flashing that is hanging in the wind. You could hire a plumber, drywall specialist (including possibly a finisher and painter) and a roofer to complete this, or you could hire one handyman who would complete the work in one day for one fixed fee.

Your next question is what type of handyman do you need?

There is no national set of standards for handyman services. Generally, they are self trained home maintenance men, some specializing in a few types of home maintenance, such as tiling, roof repair, drywall repair or any of the different types of home repair and remodeling. Most are proud of their abilities and will be able to show specific examples of past projects. A good place to start discussions is their experience with a clear eye on matching it to your project(s).

The best rule to follow is to consider the project when you hire a handyman and then look for a handyman that has a wide range of experience. Handyman companies generally sell by the hour and if possible, lumping projects together allows for efficient estimates and scheduling. The more you can get done in single handyman visit the better. And the more your handyman can get to know your house, its condition and your appetite to keep it in top shape, the more you will get out any effort.

Quick and Efficient

Handyman services are invaluable, especially if you need a task completed in a timely fashion. By choosing a reputable handyman professional with years of experience, you will be able to have major or minor home repairs fixed quickly and efficiently.

They know what they are doing, so instead of wasting time reading directions or fixing errors, they can breeze through the project quickly.
They will cross off items on your to-do list (gentleman – you know those “Honey-Do” lists that our wives have assigned for us), allowing you to spend time on other priorities or doing things that you enjoy. Cost-Effective and Higher Quality Instead of wasting time and money spent on DIY efforts that often take more than one attempt and twice the time you anticipate, why not hire a professional for work that is guaranteed to look great. With all the right tools and expert knowledge, these professionals will be able to do your project right the first time.

Hiring a handyman is often the cheaper solution, allowing you to avoid spending money on redoing the project completely or replacing it sooner than expected because of improper installation.

Due to their years of experience in the industry and the connections they have made with vendors, a handyman can get materials at a significant discount and if needed will know where to find inexpensive labor as well.