Let Columbus Handyman breathe new life into your home!


Let Columbus Handyman breathe new life into your home!

The ravages of weather can cause great damage to your home. Rain and sun can weather siding, making your home look tired, beaten and old. New siding can add to the value and beauty of your home, while it protects your home from the elements.

Columbus Handyman offers a large selection of materials – vinyl, PVC, wood, and fiber cement – in a variety of colors.

Columbus Handyman also reattaches siding that has come detached from your home.

But siding is often not enough to keep your home looking new and fresh. Your house’s rain gutters need regular maintenance. Let Columbus Handyman remove debris from your gutters, install guards, repair downspouts, while installing drain lines to ensure water is being dispersed away from your home properly.

Safeguard your home with quality gutters to match any home. We offer and install 5” and 6” seamless gutters in over 30 colors, galvanized, copper, half round, or “k” style gutters to keep the historic value to your home.

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