Columbus Handyman has licensed plumbers ready NOW!

Plumbing repairs can go from bad to worse quickly. And if not done properly the first time, they can go from cheap fixes to very very expensive household repairs. Let our experienced technicians ease frustrations and take care of plumbing repairs for you. Columbus Handyman can fix your leaking pipes, clean out your drains efficiently and affordably.

Our other services include:

  • Toilet clogs
  • Fill valve
  • Ball and flapper
  • Water shut off replacement

Water damage on your ceiling and you can’t seem to find the problem? We can troubleshoot and repair the plumbing leak behind your walls and ceiling. Tired of showering with cold water? Columbus Handyman can replace your hot water tank and get you into a hot shower in no time. Columbus Handyman also provides 24 hour emergency services for burst pipes and water line damage.