Experienced Professionals with Guaranteed Workmanship

Experienced Professionals with Guaranteed Workmanship.

kictchen Remodeling

No other room in your house is as important as the Kitchen. It is where your family gathers, where your meals are prepared and defines your home. And when you consider no other improvement will have as great an effect on the value of your home, it pays to make your kitchen a functional showroom.

Electrical Services

Columbus Handyman licensed electricians have over 30 years of experience serving the central Ohio area. We are ready to service all your electrical needs.

  • Lighting repair and replacement
  • New wiring and box installation for ceiling fans
  • Outlet replacement
  • GFCI upgrades and installation
Plumbing & Drain Cleaning

Plumbing repairs can go from bad to worse quickly. And if not done properly the first time, they can go from cheap fixes to very very expensive household repairs. Let our experienced technicians ease frustrations and take care of plumbing repairs for you. Columbus Handyman can fix your leaking pipes, clean out your drains efficiently and affordably.

Handyman Services

Get out your honeydo list and lets get them all done!

  • Replacing or repairing lock sets
  • Replacing or installing ceiling fans
  • Bath fans, and light fixtures
  • Mounting flat screen TVs
  • Installing appliances
  • Hanging shelves, curtain rods, towel bars
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Columbus Handyman
Commercial & Residential Roofing

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Handyman Services
Handyman Services
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